16 Oct

Oak Triple Wardrobe

Oak Triple Wardrobe1Alice and Ben were playing in the living room and began watching television. Their favourite cartoon came on where a cat is chased constantly by a mouse. The cat was grey and the mouse was brown. The cartoon was comical and had scenes where the cat would almost always hurt itself by trying its hardest to catch the mouse.

The living room was rather messy because Ben and Alice never seemed to like tidying up after themselves very much. Ben ran in to the kitchen and made himself a sandwich and Alice followed. Ben was older than Alice by three years and therefore was obliged to make her a sandwich as well. He filled it with cheese and butter and made both of them squash with just a small amount of squash as directed by their father and mother.

Mother was in the gardening mowing the lawn and father was out with his friend playing tennis. The cartoon ended so they began painting pictures as their next activity. They managed to put the easel up by themselves and get the paint from the highest draw in the oak triple wardrobe. They thoroughly enjoyed painting. Ben would paint scenes of things he’d seen in cartoons to the best of his ability even though his artistic skills weren’t great. Alice used to paint landscapes and cars as these were things which she was most pleased with drawing.Oak Triple Wardrobe

They had lived in the house for all their lives and rather liked it. It had three floors including the ground. Mum and dads room was on the first floor along with Ben’s. Alice’s bedroom was right at the top. Ben was a typical boy and loved adventurous boyish stuff & was sometimes rude and cheeky while Alice always loved things which were pink, calmer play and was always well behaved. While they were at home doing this; dad was playing tennis and beating his friend by one set. The second set was very close and in the end he took that set also. The swings were getting harder and the game was getting more intense. Dad’s friend was now putting full effort in to the match and dad was starting to feel the pressure as the game started to go in favour of dad’s friend. He white washed him in an amazing come back for the third set. The sweat was flying off their arms as they fiercely swung there rackets in attempts to get the ball past the other. The fourth set was seal tight as it eventually went to deuce.

9 Aug

The Solid Oak Coffee Table

Solid Oak Coffee Table2A highly attractive item of furniture for the lounge is the solid oak coffee table. Usually occupying a central position close to the sofa or chairs in the lounge, the solid oak coffee table is put to a variety of different uses. In this article we look at some of the different types of table and demonstrate some of the various uses to which they can be put.

Different Types of Solid Oak Coffee Table

Although there is a basic model for this type of table there are, in fact, several variations in terms of style and we set our below some of the most popular.

The Standard Solid Oak Coffee Table

The most straightforward version of this type of table, the standard solid oak coffee table consists of a table top and four legs, all constructed from solid oak. The wood can be in various shades and the table top can be in a variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, circular or oval.

The Solid Oak Storage Coffee Table

Many householders prefer a type of solid oak table that provides storage room. One type of table that fits the bill is the model that comes with a lower tray. This allows for the handy and convenient storage of items such as books, newspapers and magazines. Another type of table that provides storage is the solid oak coffee table with drawers. Located just below the table top, the drawer or drawers provide excellent storage facilities where a wide variety of household items can be housed.

The Extendable Solid Oak Coffee Table

For those who require a really versatile coffee table, an extendable model is the perfect solution. It can be especially useful for those who live in small houses or flats that do not have a separate dining room, where it can have a secondary use as a dining table. The extendable solid oak coffee table can almost double in size when it is fully extended, providing a really useful addition to the table top area and any storage space that is required of it.

The Reclaimed Solid Oak Coffee Table

Those that prefer a more rustic type of coffee table might want to consider investing in one that has been constructed from reclaimed wood. One of the advantages of this is that this type of wood is extremely durable and hard wearing compared to newer timber. The fact that it as been reclaimed from longstanding buildings and constructions is evidence of its durability, which is especially useful in a coffee table that is subjected to frequent, heavy use.

Solid Oak Coffee TableUses for a Solid Oak Coffee Table

The most obvious use for this type of table is to serve coffee, tea and other refreshments. Although not universally encouraged, some families use the coffee table for the service and consumption of their main meals, enabling them to watch the T.V. whilst doing so. This type of use, as we have already mentioned, is particularly relevant in the case of extendable coffee tables in homes that do not have their own independent dining room.

Other homeowners prefer to treat their solid oak coffee table as a centre piece to their lounge. In these cases, the table will often be covered by a cloth and a variety of attractions, such as flowers, photographs and ornaments may be placed on the table top.

As we have already mentioned above, some coffee tables are used for storage purposes, with a wide range of items being housed either in drawers or on the tray that is built into the lower section of the table.


The solid oak coffee table represents an attractive piece of household furniture, which, as this article has shown, has many more uses than simply holding your coffee cups!

8 Aug

How to look after your Scandinavian furniture

Teak SideboardThe furniture that offers the “wow” factor in any home, Scandinavian furniture oozes with tradition and high quality craftsmanship.

It does not matter whether you have already found the love of Scandinavian furniture or are new to the delight of this furniture such as a Danish teak sideboard we will show you how you can take care of this furniture including your Danish teak sideboard to ensure that it stays it tip top shape and will be a piece of furniture that you will love for many more years to come.

Scandinavian furniture in particular is something that should be looked after and cherished well as you would with a collectable car. Your Danish teak sideboard or your Scandinavian sofa is an investment and something that you will admire, love to watch and potentially it will increase in value over a period of time. The only thing that makes this different to a collectable car is that you would not attempt to drive your car into the lounge and watch it over a cup of tea.

So what things can you actively do to ensure that your precious Danish teak sideboard stands the true test of time?

The good news is that these pieces are made for a durable and high quality material such as cloth, metal and woods and need to be cleaned with only natural materials that are environmentally friendly such as a micro fiber cloth which will ensure that any streaks are kept to a small amount.

These items of furniture are very expensive and should be treated like antiques. You want consider taking these out on special occasions as the last thing you want is for drinks to be spilt on your precious teak sideboard or on your newly restored bookcase.

These pieces should also be kept in an environment where the temperature is controlled. Don’t consider putting your Scandinavian pieces on the patio or even stored in the garage as they will quickly become stained, marked and weather which is the last thing you want done with your pieces.

19 Jan

Reflecting in Style – Decorating with Glass Elements

glass vaseWith so many choices out there to decorate with for your home today, it can be overwhelming to decide what to work with.  Metals always add interest but too much of anything is never good.  Wood decor pieces are certainly interesting as well, but it is not something to fill a room with either.  The easy way to add dimension in decorating and create interest on your accent tables and shelves is to decorate with glass decor items.  These pieces are usually inexpensive to purchase and will go well with whatever already exists in your home.  You can add instant appeal just by putting a few new pieces in your room.

Glass Vases Can Pull Double Duty on Decorating

Something simple like one of these items can be quite useful in decorating. They are not just used for flowers, although putting freshly cut flowers will work just fine for decorating.  You can use a vase for other kinds of center or accent pieces as well.  For instance, take your vase and fill it with colored marbles.  This can serve as a base for dried willow twigs to be used as a decoration.  The twigs are a great ways to add contemporary charm and the colored marbles can be coordinated to match your existing colors to tie it all in together.  This is a simple way to decorate that is easy on the wallet and pleasing to the eye.

Colored vases can also create interesting accents for maximum impact.  Colored glass has a beautiful reflection to it and can serve a functional purpose along with eye-catching appeal.  The nice thing about a colored glass vase is that it will go well with almost any decor you havel.  You can fill them with water for flowers or even fill them with scented wood chips as a room freshener.glass vase1

Using Glass as a Centerpiece

Glass bowls are fantastic ways to create centerpieces for your tables.  Be it a coffee table or a dining one, these items are a wonderful way to capture the personality of your decorating style.  These decorative pieces can be large or small, depending on their purpose.  Take the bowl and center it on the table.  You can fill it with wooden elements such as balls made of wicker and different colored wood.  You can also use these items to contain favorite finds such as interesting buttons or dried flowers.

18 Jan

Perk Up Furniture with Accessories

cushionthrowAccessorizing.  It is a simple yet highly effective way to boost the impact of your fashion statement, as well as add versatility to your wardrobe.  Small changes, such as changing a patterned tie for a solid one, can make a big impact on the impression you give.  Changing your accessories is also an easy way to keep up with trends, without the commitment of buying major pieces every time the trends or seasons change.  Similarly, homes benefit immensely from accessorizing.  You may have a couch with fabulous lines, or a graphically minimalistic bed, but accessorizing these pieces will add your personal touch to the home, as well as emphasizing the style statement you wish to make.  Much like accessorizing with clothing, changing the pillows, blankets, or bolsters periodically will update and refresh the look of your home.

Cushion for the Couch

A simple diamond earring can make a powerful statement, while brightly colored jewels add fun and whimsy to a look.  Similarly, cushions are like earrings for your couch.  Easily changed about, changing the pillows is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of a piece of furniture–even a room!  If you favor minimalist decor, use just two pillows to highlight the modernity of your furniture.  Piles of pillows are comfortable and inviting to guests, and mixing colors and patterns makes a room look very of the moment.  There are so many different textures and textiles from which to choose, so everyone’s style is covered.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could even customize your pillows with the fabric of your choice and stuff them with batting.  If you are tired of the pillows you have, it is quite easy to repurpose them–some methods are even no-sew!cushionthrow1

Adding a “Scarf”

If pillows are the earrings to your sofa, then a throw is like a chic scarf–endlessly versatile, yet always attractive.  These blankets may range from the plush, such as faux fur and chenille, to the delicate, to the brightly patterned.  Again, this is a great and easy way to express your personal style, or to add flair to a plain piece of furniture.  Coordinate with your pillows if you like, or clash the pillows and the blanket to make an edgy statement.  A neatly folded, geometric blanket gives off a clean, modern vibe, while tossing one over the back of a couch adds a bit of louche flair.

Simple, Easy, and Effective

Using home accessories to perk up your furniture need not be expensive or elaborate, but it will allow you to express your own point of view.

13 Jan

How to Spice Up A Plain Bookshelf

Plain_BookshelfBookshelves are a great piece of practical furniture—but there’s no reason that your bedroom, office or living room should be brought down by a boring or drab looking bookshelves. Even the plainest of bookshelves can be spiced, spruced and improved to turn your boring shelf into one that really adds to the aesthetic look of your home.

There are a lot of ways to spice up your bookshelf. Before you commit to any particular type of redesign, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic that you are going for. Do you want to take a dark brown bookshelf and lighten it up to make your room appear brighter or bigger? Are you bored of your plain white shelf and wish it had some type of pattern or color to break it up? The more you think about what you are looking for, the easier it will be to decide what you want to do to your bookshelf.

Idea: Use crafting tape for an affordable and non-permanent redesign

Crafting tape, also known as washi tape, has become very popular in the past few years. Crafting tape is decorative tape—it can come in solid colors, stripes, polka dots, and a variety of different patterns. Aside from being great for scrapbooking, craft tape is also great if you want to add new color or patterns to a bookshelf without having to paint, spray or glue anything down! You can apply crafting tape anywhere on your bookshelves—the most popular area is the front of your shelves, because most shelves are a “perfect fit” for crafting tape.

As a bonus, crafting tape is relatively easy to remove and you can peel it right off if you change your mind.

Idea: Add décor to break up a bookshelf and add color

If you want to break up the look of a bookshelf that appears too cluttered or dark, you can add décor to both give it a pop of color and make it more aesthetically appealing. Flower pots or baskets, decorative items like statues or picture frames, etc., all make perfect companions to the books or other media on your shelves.

Remember, however, that less is more—don’t crowd your books with too many decorative items, and don’t overload the area with so much color that your eye becomes “lost” when you look at your shelves.

24 Sep

Vintage Chic Dining Room Style

Are you a retro-loving, memory-lane-strolling, vintage and antique loving person who wants to imbue your dining room with a classic but fun and quirky style? There are so many darling accessories and accouterments you can buy to deck your dining room out with the best retro tchotchkes. Search nearby antique malls, thrift stores, and flea markets for charming addenda to add to your dining room. This style is perfect for sitting down to eat and taking a journey back through time. You can even try to refurbish some old furniture to give it new sheen and pizzazz, while still retaining its classic look. Try a great retro shade like aqua paired with red accents, which can really bring to mind a retro diner filled with kitsch and camp. 

Get Antique with Teak 

Large dining tables are perfect for bringing the whole family (and more!) together for an evening of fun and food. They’re also great for gathering at on a Sunday morning for a rich brunch or a light snack to start the day off right. If you’re sticking to the vintage style, be sure to complement your chairs, countertops, and other dining room furniture with an antique-looking dining table that can fit the whole family. Something that looks unfinished and a little rustic can also evoke vintage flair, and it’d be perfectly paired with whatever goodies you’ve discovered at the local consignment shop or Salvation Army. To spin a rustic-looking, antique-evoking, large table made of teak of oak, you can put a kitschy 70s spin on it with funky, sleek white chairs or vibrant floor files. Have a conversation-starting centerpiece that you picked up at the thrift store, like a bust, statue, or similar item that sends you on a journey to the past. 

If you love strolling down memory lane and soaking up the vintage style, then there are several easy ways to deck out your dining room table to match your passion for antiques. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! Everything you need can come cheap from a flea market or local shop. A dining room is the perfect area to impress guests and enjoy a memorable evening, so you’ll want to style the room perfectly. Have everyone sit around a large dining table and take a look back on times gone by!

23 Aug

Candle Holders 1:30

Candle holders are timeless and classic made in an array of styles, finishes, and colorshaving many uses, features, sizes, and prices ranges.

Candle holders are made of many beautiful materials:  glass, hand-blown glass, clear glass, colored glass and frosted glass, wood, iron, and wrought iron.

Pedestal shaped decorative holders for candles are called candlesticks.  Candelabrum is used for holding many candle tapers.  The chandelier comes from the word candle and is electric for holding glass bulbs resembling candles.  There are hanging fixtures designed to hold a number of tapers that are not electric.

Hollowed out holes called sockets are friction tight to keep candles erect and straight.  Adjustments can be made to candles for positioning.  If too fat, trim the bottom with a knife.  If too small, wrap the end with aluminum foil and put into the socket.

There are small glass holders and wall sconces for votives and tea lights.  The variety of holders for pillar type candles is massive.  Hurricane candle holders are simply a glass bowl with a flat bottom with curved sides.  A pillar candle is set at the bottom in the middle.

Candles with their gorgeousholders present an ambiance, a mood, an occasion; the scented ones can enliven or calm.

Attached to a candle holder is a bobèche to catch the melted wax running down the side of the candle and are used at events where there are audiences or crowds attending festivals, concerts, or Christmas carolers.

The Menorah candelabra are used for the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah.  There are Yoga candle holders and unity ceremonial candle holders.

To enhance the loveliness of the candle, place it in a stunning candle holder.  Some candle holders create warmth.  When family or friends stop by for the evening, have your candle holder and fragrant candle complement your evening creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and warmness.

All homes must have a few candle holders with candles lit for special meals.  Lit at night without lamps, candles createdistinctive light and shadow effects.  Dinner by candle light makes for a peaceful eating time for those having dinner. This time with a loved one can spark romance in a delightful way.

Use candles on your deck or patio.  There are glass candle holders having candle access available with lanterns.  These will give a soft elegance to your informal entertaining area, or for a special occasion.

19 Aug

Oak Dining Furniture: What You Need to Know Before You Go Shopping

The Upside to Oak 

1. Durability

Oak dining furniture is most often chosen for its durability. If you have a large and/or active family, and your furniture gets a lot of action, oak is probably the best option for you.

If you like to have meals on the back deck, oak would also be the way to go in finding resilient outdoor dining furniture. This hard wood is resistant to moisture and other seasonal elements, and doesn’t shrink or warp.

2. Beauty

Oak is very versatile in the decorative sense. It can be classy, elegant, or rustic, and often times each of these simultaneously.

You also have color choices (as well as degrees of durability), as there are two varieties: white oak and red oak. White oak is, as its name suggests, the lighter of the two, as well as the stronger. Also, if you buy the furniture unfinished, you can stain the wood to the color of your desire, or go natural with a clear urethane.

3. Guilt-free

Going green? You can buy your oak dining furniture without the guilt of harming the environment. Most oak used for furniture is now harvested from sustainability forests. 

The Downside to Oak

1. Cumbersome

Some would say a disadvantage of oak dining furniture is its bulkiness. Without a doubt, moving oak furniture is at the bottom of the fun list. But in reality, how often does the average person rearrange his or her dining room, or move to a new house? When you look at it like that, bulky doesn’t seem to matter quite so much. 

2. Cost

Oak dining furniture is unarguably expensive. But you get what you pay for, right?

If you’re on a budget, you can always get furniture with an oak veneer, as opposed to solid oak. These pieces of furniture are made from less expensive material, with oak paneling glued on for appearance sake. Try mixing solid oak and veneered oak furniture, adding in more and more solid oak pieces over time.

You can also find oak dining furniture in places like second-hand stores, antique shops, and auctions. Because of oak’s durability, this used merchandise oftenneeds only a touchup or a few repairs to look good as new (or good as old, if you prefer vintage) again. Your dining room and bank account will thank you.

12 Jul

Get value for your money with this superbly crafted shadow oak wardrobe

Thinking of adding a new wardrobe to your home? Then look no further than this shadow oak wardrobe which has been created to vastly improve you living space. This piece of oak furniture is a timeless, beautiful piece that has been made from 100% solid wood so you can ensure that it is long lasting. When it comes to adding a new piece to your home its appearance is essential to create an impression in your home and this product looks stunningly crafted.

The wardrobe is made from European oak, which is known for its sturdiness and beauty. The product has been given a white oiled finish, which allows the piece to have a light appearance and shows off the impressive wooden detail. The dimensions for the wardrobe are H20 x W115 x D60 centimetres, meaning that you will have a lot of room to place your clothes and items, you can even place items on the wardrobe at the top to create more space free from clutter in your home. The wardrobe has three doors and two drawers. Two doors are located at the top of the wardrobe and open up to a rail which allows you to hang clothes upon; the third door is located at the bottom of the wardrobe and opens up to reveal two spaces with one shelf dividing them, which is perfect for placing items such as shoes. The three draws are also located at the bottom of the wardrobe and pull out to reveal plenty of room to place multiple items.

Preventing damage to the environment has become an important issue that we all need to consider. The company which sells this magnificent wardrobe tries to ensure that awareness is made of this and that the wardrobes they product are made with as little negative impact to the environment as possible. This wardrobe has been rated by the company five out of a possible ten stars for its environmental score.

The wardrobe does require assembly, however, if you prefer not to deal with the hassle of figuring out what goes into how and where, the men who deliver the product can also assemble the wardrobe for you.

So if you are looking for a wardrobe that comes from an environmentally conscious resource, can store all your clothes and items and is made from high quality material, this shadow oak wardrobe could be the ideal choice for you.